Bulk Send Messages prototype for iNaturalist

Information This tool can be used to message many iNaturalist users at once, and may be a great way to contact many people about something you think they'd like to hear.
Please note that using this for spam or harrasment will likely get your account and IP blocked by iNaturalist.
Also, you may like to consider that there may be another way of contacting people if you have that available such as posting a project journal entry to reach everyone on a project for example.
Warning This page won't work well on Internet Explorer, or old versions of browsers.

Start here:

  1. Choose data source to load users from:

  2. Enter comma separated list of user logins or ids. e.g. johnsmith736,khaleesi89
    Load from observations export file (CSV or JSON format) to message the observers of the observations.
    Enter comma separated list of observation ids to message the observers of the observations.
    Enter a project id to load its members. This is in the url on the project page. e.g. example-project-name
  3. Enter subject
  4. Enter message. You can use [login] in your message, and it will be replaced with their login name.

Still to work on for this prototype: Github project todo list